We Provide Land Surveying And Subdivision Services

We Provide Land Surveying And Subdivision Services

You’ll Then Have The Survey Plans You Need To Design or Develop.

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Call Now 0401 278 179

Why Choose Ariva?

quality survey plans

You’ll receive quality survey plans and quick responsive service

Mark Title Boundaries

Know where your land boundaries are and if there is encroachment

plan of subdivision

Quickly receive a preliminary plan of subdivision to put lots on the market

Facing Land Surveying Challenges? We’ve Got You Covered.

Tired of delays in survey plans?

Suspecting encroachments or trespassing structures?

Do you need a preliminary plan of subdivision for the contract of sale?

At Ariva, we prioritize your needs, delivering quality surveys with rapid turnaround times. Navigate your property journey confidently with our expert guidance.

Navigating Land Surveying Simplified

The world of land surveying can be intricate. At Ariva, we demystify the process, having executed hundreds of successful surveys and guiding clients seamlessly.

Let us illuminate your path forward.

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What Our Clients Can Expect From Us

Efficiently Coordinate Land Surveys and Deliver Precision in Survey Plans

Expect a swift response to your instructions as we diligently prepare accurate survey plans, allowing you to optimize project timelines.

Secure the Right Survey for Your Renovation or Extension

Initiate your Title Re-establishment and Feature & Level Plan promptly, facilitating seamless progression in the design phase.

Expert Guidance through the Subdivision Process

Stay informed and on track with our proactive assistance in subdivision applications. This proactive approach minimizes registration delays, ensuring quicker sales settlements.

Our Process: The Ariva Blueprint

Step 1: Call Now

We’ll ensure you get exactly what you need which means you’re not paying extra for services you don’t need.

Step 2: Land Survey & Plan Preparation

We’ll visit the site and carry out the land survey as required. We’ll then prepare and provide the land survey plans, or preliminary plan of subdivision, in form that best suits your needs. We’ll then guide you to the next step and prepare council applications as needs so that we can make the experience as seamless as possible for you.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Journey

You’ll have your land survey documentation which allows people who rely on these documents to provide you with a better quality service. You’ll feel relieved to know the rest of your journey is based on foundation of quality land surveying.

Services Tailored For You:

Title Re-establishment Plan: Gain clarity on title boundaries, ensuring the full value of your land is realised.

Feature & Level Plan: Propel your design process with detailed feature and level plans, optimizing space and functionality.

Preliminary Plan of Subdivision: Ready to sell? Accelerate your sales process with our swift subdivision plans.

Subdivision Applications: Stay informed and proactive with our expert guidance, ensuring timely title registrations.

Check Boundaries Before Buying!

• You wouldn’t buy a car without a road worthy certificate

• You wouldn’t buy a house without a building inspection

• So, why would you buy, or build on, land without checking your boundaries?

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