We Provide Land Surveying And Subdivision Services

We Provide Land Surveying And Subdivision Services

You’ll Then Have The Survey Plans You Need To Design or Develop.

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Call Now 0401 278 179

Understand Your Land

You’ll fully understand the extents of your land and if there is encroachment

plan of subdivision

Quickly receive a preliminary plan of subdivision to put lots on the market

quality survey plans

You’ll receive quality survey plans and quick responsive service

Do You Need A Land Surveyor Quickly?

Do you suspect fencing or structures are encroaching or trespassing onto your land?

Do you need a preliminary plan of subdivision for the contract of sale?

Do you have to wait longer than expected for your survey plans?

We believe that the community deserves high quality land surveys with quick turn around times so you can focus on the next step in your journey.

Eliminate The Uncertainty Of The Land Surveying Process And Let Us Guide You

We understand that community awareness of the land surveying profession has fallen behind which can lead to confusion at a time where you need a clear path forward.

We’ve carried out and prepared hundreds of land surveys and survey plans and have guided clients through the various land surveying processes.

We look forward to guiding you too.

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What Our Clients Can Expect From Us

Promptly Organise Land Surveys and Deliver Quality Survey Plans

We’ll respond quickly to your instructions and prepare the accurate and precise survey plans you need which means you can save time on your project.

Provide The Survey You Need For Your Renovation Or Extension

Getting your Title Re-establishment and Feature & Level Plan done early means you can keep moving the design process forward at a good pace.

You will be guided through the subdivision process

We’ll keep you prompted on required subdivision application actions which means you’ll avoid registration delays and settle sales sooner.

The Ariva Blueprint

Step 1: Call Now

We’ll ensure you get exactly what you need which means you’re not paying extra for services you don’t need.

Step 2: Land Survey & Plan Preparation

We’ll visit the site and carry out the land survey as required. We’ll then prepare and provide the land survey plans, or preliminary plan of subdivision, in form that best suits your needs. We’ll then guide you to the next step and prepare council applications as needs so that we can make the experience as seamless as possible for you.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Journey

You’ll have your land survey documentation which allows people who rely on these documents to provide you with a better quality service. You’ll feel relieved to know the rest of your journey is based on foundation of quality land surveying.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Title Re-establishment Plan: Shows you where your title boundaries are in relation to buildings and fencing helping understand extent of your valuable land asset

Feature & Level Plan: Once completed, enables you to progress and keep moving the design process forward at a good pace

Preliminary Plan of Subdivision: So you can seek out purchasers sooner and begin the subdivision process

Subdivision Applications: You will be guided through the subdivision process and assisting in keeping on top of required actions to avoid delays in registration of titles.

Have You Checked Your Land Boundaries?

• You wouldn’t buy a car without a road worthy certificate

• You wouldn’t buy a house without a building inspection

• So, why would you buy, or build on, land without checking your boundaries?

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