We Re-establish And Mark Your Land Title Boundaries

We Re-establish And Mark Your Land Title Boundaries

You’ll Then Know Where Your Land Boundaries Are And If Your Territory Is Being Encroached Upon

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Call Now 0401 278 179

Understand Your Land

You’ll fully understand the extents of your land and if there is encroachment

Protect Your Land

You will reset the clock on possessory rights against you (if not too late)

Claim Additional Land

You may discover additional land to add to your certificate of title

Build Within Boundaries

You build within the title boundaries and start the project off correctly

Read The Plan

You’ll receive a Plan of Marks placed clearly showing you the meaning of each mark and their relationship to the title boundaries.

Save On Set Out

Once the boundaries are marked, Builders can use their set out surveyor at low cost

Are Fences Or Buildings Trespassing On Your Land?
Need to Commence Construction?

Do you suspect fencing or structures are encroaching or trespassing onto your land?

Are you aware of potential loss of rights to land via prescriptive easements or adverse possession?

Have you recently purchased or are you about to purchase a new property and is this information available?

If you’re a builder, do you risk building near boundaries without a plan of marks placed based on a re-establishment survey?

Will your insurance cover you if you build over a boundary and did not use a licensed surveyor?

Does your licensed surveyor provide your set out surveyor with quality control marks?

We believe that land and home owners should always know where they stand within their land boundary territory.

We also believe that builders deserve to have a high quality title boundary survey marks that help them build within the site boundaries.

Eliminate The Uncertainty Of Encroaching Fencing Or Buildings.

We understand that your land is your castle and any encroachment can give rise to a deep sense of territoriality

We’ve helped many land owners mark their territory and fully understand their land title boundaries.

And we’re confident we can help you too.

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Need To Set Out The Boundaries Of A Site To Begin Construction?
Eliminate The Stress.

We understand that it can be frustrating waiting for a title re-establishment survey in order to begin construction on site.

We’ve re-established the title for hundreds of sites and can provide survey marks and data with which you or your builder can hit the ground running.

We can help you start things off right too.

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What Our Clients Can Expect From Us

See Your Boundaries On The Ground.

We’ll mark your title boundaries with survey markers which will give you a good feel for where your boundaries are located when on site.

Get The Survey You Need For Your Renovation Or Extension.

Getting your Title Re-establishment and Feature & Level Plan done early means you can keep moving the design process forward at a good pace.

Keep on record a survey document that shows you where your title boundaries are in relation to buildings and fencing.

A Title Re-establishment Plan will help you – and anyone questioning you – to understand extent of your valuable land asset

Reliably Build Within The Title Boundaries

Builder’s Site Boundary Re-establishment helps you build within the boundaries which means won’t have to worry about having to compensate neighbours or tear down new buildings.

Your level datum point ready on site

We can transfer the level datum into site which assists you in setting the correct levels which means less stress when commencing construction.

The Title Boundary Blueprint

Step 1: Call Now

We’ll ensure you get exactly what you need which means you’re not paying extra for services you don’t need.

Step 2: Re-establishment & Survey Plan

We’ll re-establish and mark your title boundaries and measure buildings and fencing along the perimeter of your property. Then we’ll prepare a certified survey plan showing buildings and fencing in relation to the title boundaries. You’ll then know where your land boundaries are and if your territory is being encroached upon.

Step 3: Know Where You Stand

Where possible, you can take action to recover land encroached upon and minimise the loss of land. You’ll feel at ease knowing where you stand with your land.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Title Re-establishment Plan: Shows you where your title boundaries are in relation to buildings and fencing helping understand extent of your valuable land asset

Marked Title Boundaries: See where your boundaries are on the ground and get a good feel of them

Site Boundary Re-establishment: When building, reliably build within the title boundaries meaning you won’t have to worry about having to compensate neighbours or tear down new buildings.

We’re For Land & Home Owners and Those About To Purchase Or Build.

• You wouldn’t buy a car without a road worthy certificate

• You wouldn’t buy a house without a building inspection

• So, why would you buy, or build on, land without checking your boundaries?

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